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I legitly love my best guy friend. Our friendship is so … (: I met him back in elementary school and the way we first met will always make me laugh. We’ve been such close friends since then, but sadly, he moved a few months ago /: Words cannot describe how much I miss him. He’s someone I can come to when I feel like shit, and someone who always can make me smile. He’s great, hilarious, cute, super talented. Gawhhh. I love himm<3 He’s like a brother to me, even if I used to like him. But don’t mind that. Anyways. Idk. I just felt the need to post this because he always tends to make me feel better when I’m like like crap like I did this whole week. <3 ; He had a soccer game today and he scored a goal just for me c: and his team won (: haha. I freakin’ love him. 

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