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I legitly love my best guy friend. Our friendship is so … (: I met him back in elementary school and the way we first met will always make me laugh. We’ve been such close friends since then, but sadly, he moved a few months ago /: Words cannot describe how much I miss him. He’s someone I can come to when I feel like shit, and someone who always can make me smile. He’s great, hilarious, cute, super talented. Gawhhh. I love himm<3 He’s like a brother to me, even if I used to like him. But don’t mind that. Anyways. Idk. I just felt the need to post this because he always tends to make me feel better when I’m like like crap like I did this whole week. <3 ; He had a soccer game today and he scored a goal just for me c: and his team won (: haha. I freakin’ love him. 


Ahhh. So. These past few days have been horrible, and here comes my best buddy and makes me feel happy. (: Well, you see. He moved to Texas awhile ago and I miss him like CRAZY. We may not be as close as we were, because of all the stuff in our lives now, but still, when we get the chance to talk, he never fails to make me smile. c: And I can always count on him to be there for me, even if he’s miles and miles away. I freakin’ love him. This is probably the randomest post ever, but hey, I’m happy. [:

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